Can everyone be hypnotised?


The majority of people (about 90%) can be hypnotised.


Who’s in control during hypnosis?


You are!! No one can hypnotise you against your will. You will only accept the suggestions you agree with.


Will hypnosis change my personality?


No it won’t change your personality or make you act out of character or against you moral values or beliefs. Hypnosis will enable you to leave behind any habits or negative emotions you no longer want, helping you to be stronger, happier, healthier and help you achieve your goals.


Will I remember what happens in the session?


99% of people remember everything. If they don’t,  with a little prompting from the therapist they will.


How will I feel in hypnosis?


You may experience any of the following sensations:


  • Pleasant tingling in the arms/and or legs

  • Heaviness of your limbs

  • Lightness or floating

  • Reluctance to move

  • Slower breathing

  • Fluttering eye lids

  • Your eyes may feel watery or drier than normal

  • Time distortion – in hypnosis time passes may under estimate how long you’ve been in hypnosis.


Will I fall asleep?


No, in hypnosis you will be in a very relaxed altered state of awareness, but you will be aware of everything that’s going on.


Is it safe?  


Yes, Hypnosis is absolutely safe. "There is no know case on record of harmful results from its therapeutic use”. (Rafel Rhodes psychologist and author of 'Therapy through Hypnosis'.)