What is Hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is an amazing, natural, non invasive and safe therapy. Suitable for adults and children. Working together you and your therapist will use both your conscious and subconscious mind to resolve your problem.


Hypnosis/hypnotherapy puts the client in control before, during and after their therapy. The only suggestions a client will accept and respond to are those that helpful, healthful and in harmony with that individual's values and beliefs.


What can Hypnotherapy help with?


Hypnotherapy is able to help with many physical and psychological difficulties, and complements main stream treatments and therapies. Hypnotherapy is all about helping people, enabling them to transform their lives so they can be just who they want to be and live to their full potential.


Hypnotherapy can help with:


Addictions, eating disorders, weight loss, insomnia, phobias, motivation, self-esteem, allergies, smoking, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, exam nerves and public speaking.


The above is not an inclusive list of problems so if yours is not listed, it does not mean that hypnotherapy cannot help you! 


What happens at a therapy session?


Hypnotherapy needs to take place in a comfortable, safe and relaxed atmosphere. For your therapy to work well you need to have good rapport, confidence and trust in the therapist. Therapy usually takes 3 -5 hourly sessions (occasionally more). Initially you will just talk, discuss what you would like help with, your expectations, and if you feel hypnotherapy is right for you. Working with your therapist using an established and successful method you’ll learn to relax your body and mind so your hypnotherapy can be most beneficial.


Your therapist will then help you communicate directly with your subconscious mind to get to the root of the problem and help you to make the changes you want.  This is a dynamic and ineractive process including positive and helpful suggestions unique to you. Then you’ll be given 'home work', nothing strenuous - just listening to your personal CD once or twice and day between sessions.


What makes a good Therapist?


A good therapist:

  • Always puts the client first

  • Always works from the heart

  • Ensures that you are safe and comfortable at all times

  • Explains clearly and in detail how hypnosis works

  • Builds a good relationship of confidence, trust and rapport with you

  • Uses dynamic therapy adapted to your personal needs, for instance the system advocated by The Atkinson Ball College of Hypnotherapy


How can I get the best from my therapy?


Hypnotherapy is team work. Your therapist is there to help and guide you. To get the best from your therapy it will help you if you:

  • Ask yourself "Am I ready to make changes in my life?"

  • Find the right therapist; a good rapport is vital. If you don’t feel a good connection, find a different therapist!

  • Ask any questions you need to so that you feel relaxed and confident about hypnosis.

  • Feel that you are in safe and comfortable surroundings.

  • Listen to your audio recording regularly (It’s there to help and support).


How much does it cost?

Initial consultation lasting up to 1hour: £25.

Hypnotherapy sessions cost £55 each and usually last between 45 minutes to an hour. Most people will need 3 - 5 sessions (occasionally more). At your first session we will discuss your individual needs and whether you feel hypnotherapy is for you.